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Internet Explorer 9 Instructions

Try this first...

1. Click Tools and you will see an option called Compatibility View.

2. If there is a checkmark next to Compatibility View, click it to remove the checkmark. If there is no checkmark, move to step three.

3. Select Compatibility View Settings.

4. uncheck "Include updated websites list from Microsoft".

5. Uncheck "Display all websites in compatibility view" if it is checked.

6. Click on close

7. Refresh page

If that didn't work...

1. Press F12. This will open a bar across the bottom of your browser page.

2. In the top of that bar, click Browser Mode.

3. Select Internet Explorer 9/8 from the drop-down.

4. Press F12 on your keyboard to close the developer tools bar.

5. Close and reopen your browser.